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ESPN used STATS’ proprietary gravity and distraction scores to analyze various basketball players. The article was posted on ESPN Insider, a paywall-protected subscription that gives online readers access to exclusive insights. Before STATS SportVU, this type of unique analysis and engaging premium content would have been impossible.

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Engage your audience with content and statistics driven by our revolutionary player tracking data – the same data used by countless professional sports teams.

SportVU for Pro Teams

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    Prevent Injuries

    SportVU measures distance run, average speed and acceleration to assess the strain and physical load. Monitoring when strain is high can help alert teams that a player needs to rest in order to avoid injury. During recovery periods, coaches can use SportVU to verify the return of a player’s performance to levels recorded prior to the injury, therefore reducing the chances of the injury recurring.

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    Maximize Performance

    STATS SportVU provides statistics on in-game events that previously took too much effort or were impossible to chart by hand. Both physical metrics and tactical events can be analyzed quickly and easily with STATS SportVU. Data is also available year after year so coaches can review a player's entire career to validate training programs.

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    Become a Better Coach

    A wide range of tactical insights on player efficiencies are available for coaching and scouting review. With a better understanding of team strengths and weaknesses, coaches use SportVU data to make better decisions and win more games.

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    Save Time

    Reports are displayed directly within our software platform for easy review on any internet-connected device. Our data analyst team can also support your staff by answering questions and creating custom reports that are tailored to your team-specific needs.

SportVU for Digital Media

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    Official NBA Tracking Partner

    While STATS SportVU is available for both soccer and basketball, STATS is the official statistics tracking partner of the NBA. Six of our cameras are installed in the basketball arenas in order to collect data of all objects on the court at a rate of 25 times per second. This gives us the ability to provide insights that can't be found anywhere else.

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    Quantify the Intangible

    The data captured by STATS SportVU unlocks a plethora of valuable statistics that were previously too burdensome or deemed impossible to quantify. These insights add another layer of information that basketball and soccer fans crave and can be used to engage readers, power second screen applications, or simply provide more in-depth coverage of the game.

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    Constant Innovation

    STATS has a team of analysts and engineers that are dedicated to creating new and innovative basketball and soccer statistics based on STATS SportVU data. STATS SportVU provides a plethora of detailed and unique statistics that you can't find anywhere else. Interested in a specific type of statistic that’s currently unavailable? Let us know and chances are we’ll be able to quantify it for you. 

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    Accurate & Efficient Data Delivery

    STATS SportVU statistics are subject to the same rigorous quality assurance process that makes STATS data feeds the trusted source of sports information for leading media companies around the world. Available via API or XML feed, you’ll be able to quickly integrate STATS SportVU data into your existing digital platform.

“I can do 99% of my analytics work based on what’s available on the through reports generated by SportVU data, which includes good, clean information that is easy to navigate.”

- Director of Basketball Analytics at a NBA Team